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If you want to buy any artwork please contact me directly using chat button. 

The cost of shipping is not included in the price of the artwork and depends on the destination.

Customizable sizes on various materials. You can have your edition high quality/fine art print on certificated paper / plexiglass / forex / aluminum.

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  Statement & Concept  

Sublime XXI

Fluid art? The marble? The pursuit of richness? The world inside the geodes and volcanic stones?

Or maybe the "beauty" of water pollution filled with fuel oils?

Maybe this reminds us of a magical and colorful world? Drug? Escape from reality? Or from everyday life?

Creating randomness together with authority through colors.

It reminds us of a world so real and so unreal at the same time.

We humans love to mix! We tend to mix more things together ever since we are children. We mix both concrete and abstract things.

Mixing means that there are at least two or more elements, and non-mono, which are joined slowly, sometimes in a dizzying way (like liquids), which can be mixable or not. This perhaps means that mankind likes to see different elements together and united. The variation, the diversity actually tend to become one, mono.

There is neither black nor white in the world; Both exist and the nuances exist between them. There are also other colors and their shades. They can be mixed to create almost infinite shades.

We like Fluid Art because it's fascinating, it's simple, it's so understandable visually, despite the fact that it doesn't look like any everyday things or anything figurative. Perhaps it activates an ancient gene that reminds us of uncontaminated nature, poisonous animals, poisonous plants, molds, ocean waves or volcanoes. It is a fascinating alarm, it is sublime. It is seeing the colors that embrace, kiss and unite despite the difference and the contrasts between them, without totally losing their origins of color but partially starting to mix with neighboring colors creating new shades.

They remind us of richness but also simplicity at the same time. The continuity of the movement but also the stillness. The mono-dimensionality but also the polydimensionality. It is a dichotomy but also a strong unity. It is mysterious but in reality it hides nothing.


Fluid art is so popular but despite so many repetitions it maintains its fascinating rarity.

Fluid art is a pollution of art through art! It is the world between the artist and the non-artist. It is the representation of the human in the twenty-first century that mixes everything together, it’s fast and simple, it’s superficial and it loves the immediate visual beauty.



Alireza Mohtashami

Sublime XXI Alireza Mohtashami Artwork

Wine me!

Many think that wine was born in Persia (now Iran) many years ago. The word Sharaab which comes from Arabic, in Persian means wine. Analyzing superficially it seems that it is made from two words: "shar" which in Farsi (Persian language) also means depravity and "aab" which in Persian means water: Depraved water!


Wine has always been a metaphorical word in Persian poems. As well as "mast" or the person drunk with wine that could mean many things in poems such as in love, cheerful, graceful, spiritually high ...


In Greek and Roman mythology, the creation of wine often happens through allegories and images of celebration, gathering, orgies and sexual relations which are now considered too extreme.

Wine is a combination of human will and research, the power of nature and a sort of animal energy to create a magical drink!


Wine is the only thing in common that is found in heaven, in hell and on Earth!



Alireza Mohtashami


The Walls Cry Out Too!

Architecture and humanity always have a direct relationship with each other. A relationship full of emotions that give soul to an architectural creation where energy dances inside. Not only because of its creator but also of the people who pass by, live and touch it. The walls are the vertical floors that keep the traces of people on their skin. The walls are treasures of memories and secrets collected in many years. The walls listen but they don't speak, they shout! 


It is interesting that the project “The walls cry out too” seems that a work of art which already exists on the walls of the cities. Everyone passes in front of them, influences and modifies them but without noticing them, they continue their way… It is as if when I pass in front of them they shout at me: no! They scream at me. Then I look at the image of the wall from the screen of my camera and I take a picture of it, an immortalized document in that moment of the day or of the night and of the season, in that state of my mind and in that state of the wall. As soon as I take a photo, it no longer screams, it follows me only with its eyes in silence... The fate of this wall is very sad; from the wall it goes to the camera screen, then to the computer screen, to the printer and finally it will hanged on the wall! A living wall and a dead wall! I don't know which wall is really alive, the one installed on the gallery wall or the one in the city... but I know that only a few walls scream and some of them have nothing to cry out about, yet!


2013 - 2022

Alireza Mohtashami



IMG_9299 copy.JPG


Alireza Mohtashami Khojasteh


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Persian, Currently living in Florence, Italy. My art life has different dimensions: Sculpture, Installation, Photography, Video, Web Designing and Music.

Graduated from Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze.
Master Degree in Visual Art & New Expressive Languages.

Collaborating with Marco Bechi, food & wine expert, blogger and critic since 2015.
Alireza Mohtashami
Alireza Mohtashami (1993)


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