Art Exhibition at Podere Belvedere

"Is it extreme?"

If you want to buy any artwork please contact the staff of Podere Belvedere or message me directly.


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Life, life, life; 

It is too difficult to describe, even more so than I had first thought.  It is perhaps better to say “living” is tough.

There are ups and downs, bad and good;

I have my rights and you have yours...

I know what I have written is meaningless... You know, it feels as though someone has locked my mind up and doesn't release me until he redeems what he thinks is his right.

You seem to be able to bear the tough things that come your way.  But if he enters your life as he has mine, he will interfere with everything, and will make your life hell. Then there will be problems that you will not be able to bear.   He will wear his mask and will look like everyone else.    He is more clever than you could ever imagine.  He is staring at my life; just watching me and laughing and laughing.


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I Muri Anche Gridano!


L’architettura e l’umanità hanno sempre un rapporto diretto l’una con l’altra. Un rapporto pieno di emozioni che danno l’anima ad una creazione architettonica dove l’energia ci balla dentro grazie non solo al suo creatore ma anche alle persone che ci passano, ci vivono e la toccano. I muri sono i pavimenti verticali che mantengono le tracce delle persone sulla loro pelle. I muri sono dei tesori della memoria e dei segreti raccolti per diversi anni. I muri ascoltano ma non parlano, gridano!


2013 - 2021

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