Special Price: Every Month Two Artworks

- Customizable dimensions 

- Hight Quality / Fine Art Print

- Print on Rigid Panel / Certificated Paper

- Each work has its certificate with the artist's signature

- Shipping worldwide (Not included in the price)

- Chat with me! 

PROMO prices

Welcome to virtual gallery of my artworks!

Artworks have a massive energy and I'd love to share the energy of my artworks with you.

Hang them on the wall, in living room, bedroom or your garden! Lean it against the wall or put it horizontally on the ground! or you can hang in it hammer it into ceiling! I love them all.

All of my artworks has a concept and story to discover.

Most artworks are printed on plexiglass, but you can customise them (size and material).


Please contact me to get your copy or for any other info.


"There is a big big bright sun!" 

1.40 x 1 m

1000 euro


Lockdown Ritual

100 x 70 cm

400 euro


Blossoms are naked & free!

70 x 100 cm

700 euro



70 x 100 cm

500 euro


Butterfly in Stomach

70 x 100 cm

500 euro


Corona Virus

70 x 100 cm

600 euro


Sun Flower

140 x 100 cm

900 euro


Blossom Me!

70 x 100 cm

700 euro


Blossom Me!

70 x 100 cm

700 euro

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